Supporting SCS Partners

Supporting Our Partners

SCS Partners are an elite group of industry-leading companies located in various regions around the world. Their dedication to GRC On-Demand products, multilingual 1st line support, and on-site assistance provides a globally stable foundation for all GRC On-Demand solutions. SCS works closely with its partners and supports them in many different ways. Below are a few of the services we have created to support them.

Partner Tools

The Partner Portal

All SCS partners have access to a central Partner Portal where they can download multi-lingual marketing material, sales videos, demo versions of GRC On-Demand applications, and other documentation.

Integrated CRM

SCS integrated Partner CRM allows partners access and tracking on all their leads, proposals, and client support issues. By using a central cloud-based CRM tool, our partners stay in the loop on all new clients and marketing efforts in their regions.

Strategic Planning

SCS partners form an important part in our strategic planning process. We continually consult our partners on all matters including new product releases, enhancements, application design, testing, and market research. Partners assist to tailor GRC On-Demand products correctly for each industry and region.

Become and SCS Partner

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