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Here's the latest news on GRC On-Demand and any upcoming events where products will be represented. Make sure to follow SCS on Twitter or Facebook for continued updates.

1 May 2011 - Spanish Version Available

SCS announced today that all applications are now fully available in Spanish. All GRC On-Demand applications include multi-lingual support as a standard feature and finalization of Spanish translations to support SCS partners and clients in the South America region has expanded the reach and usability of products in these markets.

27 Jan 2011 - Business Continuity Preview

GRC On-Demand: Business Continuity Management, the latest addition to the GRC On-Demand suite of applications, is officially in development. SCS has been working closely with partners to develop an advanced business continuity application based on industry best-practices. Stay tuned for preview screenshots and features. Final release date will be in 3rd Quarter, 2011.

13 Dec 2010 - SCS Updates Partner Certification Program

A new evolution of the Partner Certification program was released today. To ensure that SCS partners stay up to date on all GRC On-Demand products, a comprehensive training program has been developed on the latest versions of all GRC On-Demand products.

08 Dec 2010 - SCS Launches YouTube Channel

SCS launches YouTube channel to display GRC On-Demand products. The new SCS channel on YouTube provides introductory presentations on products including functionality, reporting capabilities, and screenshots of the GRC On-Demand suite. View the videos from the Products pages or click here to go to the YouTube channel directly. Coming soon will be more in-depth walkthrough of specific functionality within each application, stay tuned. SCS on YouTube

07 Dec 2010 - Stay Connected to SCS

Check out the updated Twitter account and Facebook page. Stay updated with the latest SCS news and upcoming events via the updated Twitter and SCS Facebook page. Get the latest Governance, Risk, and Compliance news and keep up to date on all GRC On-Demand products.

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