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SCS offers a variety of training methods from simple built-in help features to full on-site training courses and certification.  Because all GRC On-Demand products are built on a standard platform that is inherently logical and easy to use, it makes training on all applications that much easier.

Choose the type of training that's right for you

Built-In Help
Built-In Help

GRC On-Demand includes full user help features directly built into all applications.  This includes tooltips for fields whose function may not be obvious, searchable explanations of the functionality on each screen, and tutorial screens that appear the first time a user accesses a particular feature.

SCS Walkthrough Workbooks
Walkthrough Workbooks

Each application in the GRC On-Demand suite of products has a workbook which walks a user through setting up the application, customizing functionality, entering sample data, and drawing reports. The exact actions that need to be performed are given the user who then follows along. These walkthrough workbooks are a great way to fully train users to ensure full understanding of the application and its functions.

SCS Training Videos
QuickStart Training Videos

Audio-visual presentations are useful tools to get users up and running on GRC On-Demand applications in just a few minutes. After watching our QuickStart training videos most users understand how to use the software and can operate all standard functions with ease.

SCS Web Conferencing
Web Conference Training

SCS offers web conferencing for both training and application support. This is a quick and efficient way to get your users up to speed on all GRC On-Demand products. Whether it is watching a narrated demonstration of a product or a live walkthrough, web conferencing provides a quick and cost-effective way to get going on your new solutions.

SCS On-Site Training
On-Site Training

Let our software experts guide you through the use of GRC On-Demand applications with on-site training. This service ensures that your team will be able to use fully all aspects of GRC On-Demand solutions and can then assist other users in your business. Training users on-site at your company is the surest way to guarantee a successful implementation and high user adoption rates.

SCS Certification
Partner Certification Program

All SCS partners are fully certified in the use, implementation, and training of GRC On-Demand products. Our certification program is rigorous and all partners are re-certified with every new version. Many partners hold quarterly training courses for users in their region. View a List of SCS Partners

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