SCS has partnered with the world’s leading cloud-based platform,, to build and deliver our products is the #1 cloud computing platform in the world with more than 2 million daily users and almost 80,000 companies relying on its services. The cloud computing infrastructure underlying has been fine-tuned over the past decade and is completely secure, reliable, and fast. Overview

ISO 27,001 Certified

You can’t compromise when it comes to enterprise-level security. is road- tested and trusted by close to 80,000 companies, including many of the world’s most security-conscious organizations, such as banks and health care providers.



Proven Reliability

All applications run on world-class data centers with backup, failover, and disaster-recovery facilities. has had a proven 99.9 percent uptime record for years.



Infinite Scalability is used by many of the world's largest enterprises. Applications can automatically scale from a few users to millions of page views, as needed.



Real-Time Upgrades

Unlike traditional software platforms, our upgrades never break your customizations, code, or integrations. We upgrade the platform three to four times each year. As a result, you are always on the latest version, with access to the latest features, performance, and security enhancements.

Three Global Production Data Centres runs on three geographically-dispersed, mirrored data centers with built-in replication, disaster recovery, a redundant network backbone, and no single points of failure.

Cloud Platform Benefits

•     No installations
•     No expensive servers
•     Easy access from many devices
•     Certified ISO 27,001 security
•     Simple integration with HR systems, ERP, and all other enterprise solutions
•     Easy collaboration in one platform
•     Infinitely scalable
•     No massive capital outlay, quick ROI
•     Extremely customizable
•     Seamless upgrades

Want a demonstration of the power of cloud technology? Sign up for a 2 hour free solution design session to see what the platform can do for your organization.

To learn more about the platform visit

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