Atlas Support

Atlas Support

SCS has developed a cutting-edge support method known as Atlas. Atlas Support integrates the development lifecycle with the support lifecycle ensuring continual improvement in the quality and function of all GRC On-Demand products. Atlas Support is a commitment to understanding and resolving any client issues with any GRC On-Demand product. We understand that our success depends on your success and that means doing whatever it takes to make our products efficient, easy-to-use, and thoroughly reliable.

Brief Overview

The Atlas method has been developed by SCS from years of experience supporting enterprise IT solutions.  It includes a full support lifecycle and focuses on rapid resolution of any client issues with the emphasis on continual product improvement.

The Atlas Method - Atlas Support Method


Research into application support found that even the smallest issues reported by clients, especially where a client had a confusion about functionality, if investigated, often led to an underlying problem or issue with the core system. This might be in the form of inadequate functionality, new functionality required, inadequately designed screens, etc.

By fully investigating each issue with the Atlas process, and then integrating the results into the application development process, SCS ensures that all its products remain easy to use and are continually improving.



Rapid Response

Each support case is managed by automated workflows to ensure that it is assigned, investigated, and resolved quickly to customer satisfaction.



Support Desk

Want to talk it over? However long it takes to resolve your issue is how long we’ll be right there with you.





Root Cause

Unique to the Atlas method, a root cause analysis is done on each and every issue logged into the support system. By correctly determining the cause, and it may have nothing to do with a software bug, we are then able to improve our products for all future use.



Fully Automated Case Management

SCS uses a customized support management solution which includes automated case workflows, escalations, a central support database, and a client portal.





Client Portal

Each SCS client has access to a portal showing all present and past support cases, user documentation, manuals, video tutorials, and all other information concerning the client’s products. When new versions are released all documentation is updated immediately.




Have an idea for a product improvement? Let us know and we’ll consider including it in the next update. Better yet, we’ll let you track this idea all the way through to implementation and let you know when it’s done.





Knowledge Base

Through the client portal you will have access to a comprehensive knowledge base of articles, how-tos, and Q & As for all GRC On-Demand products.



Support Channels

SCS offers support via telephonic contact, email, or online chat, plus web conferencing support options. We want you to use the method that works best for your environment.


Support Through Partners

SCS Partners provide on-the-ground support in many regions of the world. By making use of the SCS partner network you can be assured of 1st line support in your language and on-site assistance as needed.

Supporting the Cloud

The Atlas Support framework and processes have been specifically designed for the Cloud. The power of cloud technology allows our support team to update your application at a moment’s notice, with no waiting for downloads, patches, or other long or delayed actions. SCS controls the code and therefore can fix or update any issues very quickly.

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