Incident Management

GRC On-Demand: Incident Management

Record all events, track investigations, control causes, and report on all types of incidents throughout the business.

GRC On-Demand: Incident Management centralizes all incident information and provides fully comprehensive investigation management and reporting. The application allows you to record, manage, and track any type of incident to full resolution. Through the use of customized workflows and best-practice standards the GRC On-Demand: Incident Management application is an efficient way to centralize and manage all incidents anywhere in the business.


Record All Incidents

Log incidents from anywhere in the organization through an easy-to-use web interface which can be opened to all employees.



Investigation Workflows

Define custom workflows for assigning incidents, monitoring progress, resolving cases, and escalating non-performance.




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Track Investigations

Dynamic reporting structure allows for managers to track their investigator’s progress on all cases in one central dashboard environment.



Root Cause Analysis

Investigate and determine the true cause of each and every incident with a best-practice root cause analysis process fully built-in.




Aggregated Dashboards

View all incident information across the business in a series of comprehensive dashboards. Drill-down by area, incident type, or any other field.



GIS Integration

View your incidents on a variety of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Analyze cluster maps for similar incidents, zoom to street level, and map your locations/sites.



Manage All Incident Types

Store customized information for financial, operational, reputational, security/crime, and many other incident types.



Comply With Regulations

Built-in best-practices to ensure compliance to regulations and other requirements are met. Transparent investigation process with a full audit trail.



Response Procedures

Build a library of standard response procedures to handle all types of incidents. Automated workflow then initiates the appropriate response for each incident.



Integrate With Risk Data

All GRC On-Demand applications fully integrate allowing you to link incidents back to risks and failed controls. Also integrate with external systems.



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