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Share data and information between GRC On-Demand products and other systems

Integration with other databases is a key component to the success of any enterprise system.  GRC On-Demand solutions are able to integrate with any other application whether a third-party solution at a client’s premises or an external cloud service.

GRC On-Demand solutions integrate easily with SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and many other providers.  Whether it is the HR database or custom risk management software, integration can be set up to send and receive any information necessary.

SCS makes use of the standard integration capabilities of the platform on which all GRC On-Demand solutions are hosted.  The platform makes more than 100 million integration calls per day and has pre-built integration with SAP, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and many other providers.

Any questions about integration can be answered by contacting us.  We can provide you with the exact integration method suitable for your needs.

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