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SCS forms partnerships with companies that provide expert advisory services, implementation support, and technology solutions. Our partners are industry-leading organizations working directly with our customers to embed and support GRC On-Demand solutions. With partners around the world to provide services and support, the Partner Network can implement and support solutions in any region. All SCS partners go through a certification process on all GRC On-Demand products so that clients can be assured of a standard implementation and knowledgeable team.

Types of Partners

Advisory Partners

SCS Advisory Partners offer a wide range of knowledge and assistance in the latest practices of Governance, Risk, and Compliance. All advisory partners have experienced consultants to assist you in implementing a best-in-class solution. Advisory partners work closely with SCS to ensure that the product evolution and latest feature releases meet the latest trends and standards.

Implementation Partners

Implementation Partners provide on-the-ground support while installing, training, and rolling out any GRC On-Demand solution. These partners all have experience in implementation of best-practice solutions and are committed to provide customers with the expertise needed for their particular industry.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners are companies involved in cutting-edge technology that complements or is used with GRC On-Demand products. Whether it’s cloud-based services, reporting technologies, or integration with GRC On-Demand applications, our technology partners are dedicated to providing the service and support you need.

Partner Services
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SCS is interested in partnering with companies that offer complementary services and solutions. If you are interested in our partner program please fill out this form.

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